Custom 33

Custom 33


Custom n°33 , instead of flat we had to change for outdoor because of the covid .

The 2 women are roommates. One is sitting at a computer playing loud music with headphones on. There is a pounding on the front door. Both women are wearing bootcut jeans, tshirts, and are barefoot (see attached pic for example). The roommate comes from another room, annoyed by the pounding at the front door. She opens it and is grabbed by a man. He forces her to the ground, puts his forearm into her neck, and chokes her unconcious. The girl at the computer is unaware. The man gets up, sneaks up behind her, and puts her in a chokehold, knocking her out. He retrieves a bag from outside and locks the door. He then plays with both women; a lot of foot worship, rag dolling, carrying, etc. He sits each woman in his lap and eventually sits them next to each other. He continues to worship their feet before posing them face down on the floor. He pulls zip ties and black hoods from his bag. He places the hoods over their heads, ties their hands behind their backs, and ties their big toes together. He the worships their  feet a final time before carrying each woman over his shoulder out of the room.

duration = 53mn 44

Quality = 2K , ask me for a lighter file



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