Custom 26

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Custom 26


Jane Doe.2 comes home and is body worshipped by Fluo Boy

Jane Doe.2 is wearing a leather jacket over a tank top/vest top. She also wears blue jeans with a leather belt, boots and socks. She is wearing a black bra and panties under her clothes. She usually has nice accessories like bracelets and necklaces so she has those on too.

Fluo Boy wears his green hoodie and jeans or his green track pants – whatever is most comfortable to shoot in.

-Fluo Boy (FB) arrives home at his apartment. He is carrying Jane Doe 2 (Jane) over his shoulder. She is unconscious.

-He carries her inside and lays her across a foot stool or sofa so her head is dangling backwards. He runs his hands through her hair and strokes her face. He is very happy and amused with his new friend.

-FB slowly unzips Jane’s jacket, takes it off her and tosses it aside.

-He lifts her up in his arms and has a little slow dance with her.

-He is grinning with delight. He kisses her cheeks as he tilts her head towards him.

-He turns her round so her back is against his chest and continues his little dance. He kisses her neck.

-Then he picks her up and starts carrying her in different positions before putting down on the sofa.

-FB removes Jane’s boots and socks and caresses and lightly tickles her feet.

-Jane is lying on her stomach with her head is facing the camera. FB has bent her legs back so her feet are near her butt so he can tickle them and see her reactions. We can see Jane’s face and her feet.

-Even though she is mostly unconscious. She still smiles and maybe giggles quietly as he tickles her feet. FB decides to see what other reactions he can get (now Jane can just react a little as she feels).

-He sucks and nibbles on her toes and rubs her feet against his face and body.

-FB poses Jane in different positions and plays with her and her jewellery. He walks around her admiring her in different positions.

-She now begins to stir as if she will wake up (whatever he drugged her with is wearing off).

-As she begins to wake up, FB casually takes out a cloth and puts some chloroform on it. Just as she is about to wake up properly he presses the cloth over her face. They are face to face and he mimes holding his breath as she passes out.

-FB slowly unbuttons Jane’s shirt now and takes it off her. He admires her body and doesn’t know what to do first. He blows on her stomach (as if he is blowing on hot food to cool it down) and then blows slowly up her body and onto her face.

-He checks her eyes and mouth and blows on her face and neck.

-Now he tests her body with tickles in various places. He lifts her arms over her head and tickles under her arms and on her neck. He tickles her ribs. He spends the most time on her tummy. He traces patterns with his fingertips and teases her belly button. He kisses and nibbles her belly. He blows little raspberries on it.

-He drips candle wax onto her belly and watches it flinch. Then he peels the wax off.

-He is like an excited kid. He snaps her bra straps and snaps the waist of her panties.

-He unbuckles Jane’s belt and jeans and now tickles her hips to see if he gets any more reactions.

-It’s time for some more carries now. He carries her around in various positions and pulls her shirt off. She is in her jeans and bra now and he drapes her body over his and lies around on the sofa and the floor with her and plays with her.

-Finally FB lies down with Jane draped over him and he falls asleep too.

-We fade out and fade back in. Jane is waking up while FB is still asleep. She wakes up and wonders what the hell has been happening.

-Jane gets up and zips up her jeans and buckles her belt. She grabs her shirt but doesn’t put it on. She starts to tip toe to the door to escape.

-As she gets to the door, Fluo Boy appears behind her and clamps a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth. She struggles as he pulls her back into the apartment and into the bedroom.

-They tumble onto the bed where she passes out due to the chloroform.

-We fade out and fade back in again. Jane is lying on the bed with her head tilted to the side. Her eyes are half closed, her mouth is half open. Her legs are straight and her arms are at her sides. There are candles lit in the room.

-Fluo Boy climbs onto the bed and kisses her face and neck. Then he walks his fingers down her body to her stomach and tickles lightly around her belly button and kisses it.

-He notices her jeans are fastened and shakes his head with a sigh. He waggles a finger at Jane.

-He undoes her belt and jeans again. He wraps his arms around her and rests his head on her tummy. Closes his eyes and goes to sleep smiling.

-The camera moves back up to Jane Doe’s face and then drifts away from them. (If you still have it, this would be a cool shot where the camera moves to the floor and we sees Jane’s shirt and boots and suddenly FB’s green jock strap lands on them.)

-We fade out.

1080 hd
2780 mo

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    very good

    • Thank you I appreciate

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    I am vrey interested

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