Custom 34

Custom 34


Introducing Cindy Shine : new custom model available

size= 4999 mo

quality= 2K

custom script =

Homeless guy and his girlfriend Cindy rob Lola. Lola is wearing a knee-length skirt
with boots and a turtle-neck sweater. Cindy is wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sandals. I
would like Lola’s boots to be brown, knee-high with flat heels. The boots from your
“Halloween” video are good example. Whenever possible, I would like the boots to
be in camera frame.
Here is the story line:
Homeless guy knocks Lola unconscious and quickly slides her panties off and stuffs
the panties in Lola’s mouth as a gag.
The man starts fucking Lola in missionary position with Lola on her back with her
legs held high. Cindy strips off Lola's sweater, bra and skirt. Cindy takes off all her
own clothes (t-shirt, jeans and sandals) and puts on Lola’s bra, sweater and skirt.
Cindy strips off Lola’s boots while the homeless guy continue fucking Lola in
missionary position. The boots should be a little tight and will take a hard pull to
come off. Cindy then sits down (in frame with the raping) to put on Lola's boots.
After putting on Lola’s boots, Cindy stretches her legs and admires her new stolen
boots and runs her hands along the leather. Lola is now only wearing white socks.
Cindy then does lesbian action on unconscious Lola. Tit sucking, pussy licking,
pussy rubbing/fingering, deep French kissing while the boyfriend is fucking Lola.
The boots should be in frame while Cindy is bent over Lola doing lesbian. Cindy
crosses her ankles in the stolen boots while kissing Lola.
After the man is finished raping Lola, Cindy pulls the panties from Lola’s mouth and
wears them.
As the boyfriend and Cindy start to leave, the boyfriend knocks Cindy on the head to
put her to sleep. The boyfriend pulls off Cindy’s panties (formerly Lola’s) but keeps
the panties handing from one boot. He starts to fuck Cindy missionary style with the
panties handing from one ankle. After a few minute of this, the boyfriend takes off
Cindy’s boots while still fucking her. Then he stands the boots next to Cindy’s head
and keeps fucking Cindy missionary style. A few minutes later, he move to Cindy’s
head and begins mouth-fucking Cindy. In a close-up camera shot, the boots standing
up (with panties on them) are in frame while he fucks Cindy’s mouth.
After a few minutes of this, the boyfriend goes back to Lola. He turns Lola over to
doggy fuck her. He also picks up the boots and stands them up next to Lola’s head.
He then starts to doggy fuck Lola. In a close photo shot, the boots standing up (with
panties on them) are in frame with Lola’s face while he fucks Lola from behind. The
boots should be near Lola’s face. [Here are suggestions of two possible camera
angles: 1) low to ground angle shooting with Lola’s head, mouth, boots, and
her raised ass in a line. 2) Maybe an overhead camera panning shot starting
from her head, boots, and then moving down to her ass. ]

After a few minutes, he switches position and starts to mouth-fuck Lola (also with
boots in frame). He finally cums in Lola’s mouth. The boy friend picks up the boots
with panties and leaves Cindy and Lola.

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