Custom 36

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Custom 36


Dear lovers ,
2 news custom actresses available , Lady Dee and Jureka del Mar .
Here the script :
Chloro KO…not much struggle / fighting, just takes a while to pass out
she is put down on the ground, and dragged a bit by the ankles, then by arms
picked up and OTS carry (~1-2 min) — you can put down and pick up again if you need a break
put down, one shoe off
picked up reverse OTS carry (~1 min) — you can do this off camera vs. showing pick-up, as it is hard to do
brought to bed, bit of ragdolling, lift / drop legs, arms
leave face down at end
I’m OK with any surprises and not sticking exactly to scripts, as long as lots of OTS carrying
Size :1620 mo
duration : 20mn 2 s

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1 review for Custom 36

  1. 5 out of 5

    I loved the custom!

    For the custom as a movie I give a 9/10! …great shots, super fun!

    The first ko was amazing, and loved the way you edited it! Lady Dee was super, super hot, and I liked Jureka more than I did before seeing the movie. Overall it was really fun, improvised well, and you and Jureka did great together…it’s like you know each other un peu. For Lady Dee’s first time I think she did great. She also looks like quite strong and muscular legs so looks that you got a good workout.

    Lady Dee’s heels. Perfect. I think my favorite ever. Her feet are perfect for me too. I don’t think I did ever see such smooth and perfect feet. She must take very good care of them like she does with the rest of her body. Face of an angel.

    In the end a great custom!

    My favorite line: “Slap her hasse!”

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