Custom 37

Custom 37


With the wonderful skilled new actress Jane doe n°30 , very limped actress :)

here the script :

The most important thing for me is effectively the lifeless body of n ° 30 & the jacket she wears.

the jacket should always be closed, or just a little open, but please never open it completely or take it off.

to the jacket:

either a leather jacket or a puffer jacket, preferably in black & if you need a few more examples I can send you a few photos with jackets that meet my taste.

to the pants:

In principle, pants are not that important, either black leggings or leather pants or just normal jeans.

hair tied up please & no shoes & socks & no jewelry.

to expire the video:

at the beginning n ° 30 is supposed to be strangled, after that i just want to see how you play with the lifeless body.
that means playing with your arms & hands, turning your body on your back & against your stomach and so on.
a good example is the video * custom30 * with the model lola.
that was perfect.

n ° 30 is said to always remain unconscious during the video.

& please don't play too much with your feet, then better with your hands

clip length about 30-40min & in good quality

if something is not clear just write me

thanks man


Quality = 2k 
duration= 28mn 39 s

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