Custom 29

Custom 29


Hi dear followers:)

here the custom with the perfect actress Lola Myluv  from a Japanese client : there is lot of surprises not visible on the script :)

Lana comes home after a long day’s work. She is wearing a pair of boots, white socks, a jacket, and jeans. Unbeknownst to her, a creep has been following her since she left the work place. As Lana entered the apartment, the creeped followed her in and while she was heedless, the creep strangled her. Lana panicked. The two mingled up and the thief quickly locked Lana in a deadly position. Lana struggled with every breadth. Her legs stretched and arms flailing around due to the lack of oxygen, yet her strength was no match to that of the creep’s. She became slow until she was gone. The creep removed her boots and fondled her sock clad feet. He fucked her on the floor, and then dragged her across the floor to the bedroom. He tossed her onto the bed and continued to fuck her including accommodating his cock into her mouth. Lastly, the creep carried the corpse to the hall and dragged her on the floor. Before he left, he took a few selfies with her, which include some flaunting of her sock clad feet.

So this is what I have in mind. Now for the main elements, which is white socks,(Pure white without stripes or any brands or symbols. Boots are the type that covers the knee as oppose to ankle boots.

5180 mo

1080 hd

68 mn

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